From envirotech to cleantech to sustaintech

Sustainability and technology are really merging to disrupt most systems and industries. As Tsing Capital, China`s first sustaintech (sustainable technology) fund says, we are accelerating from the evolvement of envirotech 17 years ago (including waste management and water management), to cleantech (power storage, LEDs, semiconductors) to sustaintech (sustainable mobility, energy internet, smart homes etc). They... Continue Reading →

Innovation = by definition challenges the status quo. Investments is a symbiotic part of the innovation process. UBS «Mobilizing wealth for common good» (2017)

«You cannot solve todays challenges with the same mindset that created them» - Albert Einstein

Eleven ocean opportunities

The complexity and size of ocean challenges - too big and far away?The sustainable ocean challenges are so huge and complex, that we might not always know where to start, or what to think of it. Further, we might believe that the solutions are both fare away in time and demand big-sized companies to get going.Well, I`m here to tell you... Continue Reading →

Why venture capitalists are devouring food start-ups

Why venture capitalists are devouring food start-ups. VC sees huge opportunities in the food tech and agtech scene. The food system is in need of a massive transformation, and lags behind other industrial sectors. There are enormous opportunities, and more innovation than ever across themes such as sustainable protein, soil & crop tech, decision support tech, water,... Continue Reading →

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