Top 100 Nordic ImpactTech Companies

Norrsken, a Swedish impact tech investment company, founded by among other Niklas Adalberth (one of the co-founders of the fintech company Klarna) has identified 100 Nordic companies that has the potential to drive global impact and profit from it. Some of the topics covered on the list are sustainable food production and consumption and sustainable... Continue Reading →

From envirotech to cleantech to sustaintech

Sustainability and technology are really merging to disrupt most systems and industries. As Tsing Capital, China`s first sustaintech (sustainable technology) fund says, we are accelerating from the evolvement of envirotech 17 years ago (including waste management and water management), to cleantech (power storage, LEDs, semiconductors) to sustaintech (sustainable mobility, energy internet, smart homes etc). They... Continue Reading →

A water revolution

We live in a water world.¬† Water covers about 71,5% of our planet. Still, we can only drink around 2,5% of it.¬†Further, more than 1,2 billion people¬†globally currently lack access to clean drinking water. This water gap is only set to increase. With the estimated population growth, growth in middle class and climate change impacting... Continue Reading →

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