Top 25 Nordic CleanTech StartUps

Food & agritech tops Top 25 listThe majority of this years top 25 clean tech start-ups in the Nordic and Baltics, ranked in the The Nordic Clean Tech Open, are food & agritech companies. More than 8 out of the 25 companies related to food & agritech. The business solutions ranged from smart solutions working... Continue Reading →

From envirotech to cleantech to sustaintech

Sustainability and technology are really merging to disrupt most systems and industries. As Tsing Capital, China`s first sustaintech (sustainable technology) fund says, we are accelerating from the evolvement of envirotech 17 years ago (including waste management and water management), to cleantech (power storage, LEDs, semiconductors) to sustaintech (sustainable mobility, energy internet, smart homes etc). They... Continue Reading →

PropTech – revolutionizing real estate

Sustainability, innovation and technology is converging to create the buildings of tomorrow. I.e smart and highly efficient buildings for us to thrive in. PropTech (property technology) has a vast opportunity potential. Most buildings can become more efficient when it comes to energy usage (and hence the carbon footprint of the buildings and size of their... Continue Reading →

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