The value of vertical farming

What do you think about growing vegetables on top of each other, in-doors by utilizing LED-lighting and without any soil (and vastly reduced water usage)?  That is what companies such as InFarm and Plenty do. They produce vegetables such as lettuces and kale in-house and distribute locally. No need for fertilizers and pesticides. Further, these... Continue Reading →

Top 25 Nordic CleanTech StartUps

Food & agritech tops Top 25 listThe majority of this years top 25 clean tech start-ups in the Nordic and Baltics, ranked in the The Nordic Clean Tech Open, are food & agritech companies. More than 8 out of the 25 companies related to food & agritech. The business solutions ranged from smart solutions working... Continue Reading →

Top 100 Nordic ImpactTech Companies

Norrsken, a Swedish impact tech investment company, founded by among other Niklas Adalberth (one of the co-founders of the fintech company Klarna) has identified 100 Nordic companies that has the potential to drive global impact and profit from it. Some of the topics covered on the list are sustainable food production and consumption and sustainable... Continue Reading →

Eleven ocean opportunities

The complexity and size of ocean challenges - too big and far away?The sustainable ocean challenges are so huge and complex, that we might not always know where to start, or what to think of it. Further, we might believe that the solutions are both fare away in time and demand big-sized companies to get going.Well, I`m here to tell you... Continue Reading →

Why venture capitalists are devouring food start-ups

Why venture capitalists are devouring food start-ups. VC sees huge opportunities in the food tech and agtech scene. The food system is in need of a massive transformation, and lags behind other industrial sectors. There are enormous opportunities, and more innovation than ever across themes such as sustainable protein, soil & crop tech, decision support tech, water,... Continue Reading →

Animal-free lab grown meat

Today, you do no longer need animals to produce meat for humans to eat. Companies such as Beyond Meat has raised tonnes of capital by producing meat grown from cells - in the laboratory. This is fantastic news for those that like a steak, but want to eat environmentally friendly or do not eat meat... Continue Reading →

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