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There are endless opportunities in the transition to a more sustainable low-carbon society and economy. And these opportunities make up fantastic business opportunities.

Companies that deliver solutions to some of our largest global sustainability challenges through their products and services, will both fuel and prosper from the transition. They will tap into growth markets, enable resilient and strong business models, and be the winners both in the transition and of tomorrow.

Tapping into these company opportunities through investments, will provide investors with a whole new ballgame of smart, future oriented pockets of investments, and underpin any savvy investors strategy onwards. They will expose the investors for growth and for agile, resilient and profitable investments.

Still, we do not fully understand all these opportunities. We actually understand risk better. As Johan Rockstöm (scientist from Stockholm Resilience Center) says: “By now we know a lot about all the financial risks that we expose ourselves to from global sustainability challenges. However, we do not fully understand all the opportunities that arise from the shift to a more sustainable low-carbon world.”

My mission with this site is to bring awareness, knowledge and insight into all these opportunities, across both sectors and systems. These are innovations, new thinking or just plain out business sense that makes good business opportunities leading to future-fit investments when tapping into these.

For my self, my name is Susanne Gløersen and I am a born explorer. I have been working in the field of sustainable investments for many years. I see that capital and investments in the solutions are key to bring us towards a more sustainable tomorrow (and make a lot of profit along the way). There is a paradigm shift going on now, and there is going to be a big divide between investing in old world which is going extinct, and the new prosperous world of tomorrow.

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