Top 100 Nordic ImpactTech Companies

Norrsken, a Swedish impact tech investment company, founded by among other Niklas Adalberth (one of the co-founders of the fintech company Klarna) has identified 100 Nordic companies that has the potential to drive global impact and profit from it. Some of the topics covered on the list are sustainable food production and consumption and sustainable energy, among also social topics (in health and inclusion).

The list is dominated by Swedish companies (63%), followed by Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland (with 2% of the companies). Some of the Norwegian companies are among other TotalCtrl and Nabobil.

Check out the full Top 100 Impact Tech List here.
Or check out the highlight of environmental oriented companies below.

Altered: reduces water usage by 98%, by providing water saving products for commercial and private use
CHOOSE: helps people and companies to become climate positive
ClimateView: is accelerating the transition to a fossil free world
Deligate: simplifies control of best before dates
E/NRIDE: is transforming the transportation industry
Emmy Clothing Company: gives clothes a second life
Empower: is building a global plastic waste ecosystem
enables solar energy to its customers
Enyday: connects power consumers
Epishine: use indoor lightning to power low power devices
Globhe: runs deliveries in the sky
Greenely: helps people save energy and money
Hygglo: makes sharing stuff easy
Ignitia: offers accurate weahter forecasts for farmers
Karma: connects surplus food to consumers for a low price
Matsmart: helps people save food, money and the environment
Mimbly: creates sustainable water services
Nabobil: creates the sharing economy for cars
Nordsense: optimizes waste collection processes
Normative: helps companies improve sustainability measuring
Northvolt: creates high-quality green batteries
Nuuka: provides smart building management software
Orbital Systems: is a digital recirculating shower system
PantaPå: is the first deposit app for recycling packaging
Resq Club: saves meals from ending up in the trash bin
Sellpy: is a second hand market place
Skymning: reverses the carbon flow in the biosphere
The Good Fridge: helps consumers make better food choices
To Good to Go: helps save delicious food and fight food waste
TotalCtrl: helps stores control food inventory
Trine: simplifies solar energy investments in growing markets
Whywaste: reduces in store food waste
Worldfavor: is a digital sustainability platform
Woshapp: is an environmental friendly car wash

Sifted, the new media site (backed by Financial Times) for European innovators and entrepreneurs, has mentioned that the company Climeon also should be on the highly regarded list. Check out the company below.

Climeon is working to make our energy production more sustainable and has gotten funding from among other Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Virgin’s Richard Branson and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.
You can read more about the company here.

Exited for what next years list will bring of brilliant companies!

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