From envirotech to cleantech to sustaintech

Sustainability and technology are really merging to disrupt most systems and industries. As Tsing Capital, China`s first sustaintech (sustainable technology) fund says, we are accelerating from the evolvement of envirotech 17 years ago (including waste management and water management), to cleantech (power storage, LEDs, semiconductors) to sustaintech (sustainable mobility, energy internet, smart homes etc).

They further say that two technology mega-trends are currently reshaping sustainability around the world: IoT (internet of things) and AI (articifical intelligence). Underpinning these are six other technologies which are key to sustainability disruptors: sensors, machine learning, AR/VR, blockchain, 3D printing and advanced materials.

“While solutions hailed from the cleantech industries have brought us this far, it is integrated solutions with both cleantech and smartech that will accelerate our march towards sustainability,” said Don Ye, Tsing Capital’s founder and managing partner. 

Read more from Tsing Capital`s white paper “The Road to Sustainability” here. You can download the full report here.

Tsing Capital`s investment landscape:

From Tsing Capital`s white paper “The road to Sustainability (2017)

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