Eleven ocean opportunities

The complexity and size of ocean challenges – too big and far away?
The sustainable ocean challenges are so huge and complex, that we might not always know where to start, or what to think of it. Further, we might believe that the solutions are both fare away in time and demand big-sized companies to get going.
Well, I`m here to tell you that that is not the case. Here are eleven companies that are: a) working on the solutions TODAY, and b) are scaling the solutions bottom-up, as start-ups.

Katapult Ocean – accelerator for impacttech – start-ups who aim to solve sustainable ocean challenges through exponential technology
These companies are part of the Katapult Ocean accelerator programme, probably the leading accelerator program for oceantech companies solving sustainable ocean challenges. Behind the Katapult Ocean accelerator is the impact investor Nordic Impact, which invests in exponential technology with the mission to solve global sustainability challenges. I am thrilled to be one of the programme`s mentors for the start-ups, in order for them to scale, and scale sustainably.

Here are the eleven start-ups and their ocean solutions:
1. Atlan Space
Surveilling for illegal fishing and environmental threats to marine areas through aerial devices guided by artifical intelligence

2. Fishency
Artifical intelligence and data analytics to improve fish health and to combat sea lice.

3. The Ocean Bottle
Bying a reusable Ocean Bottle includes the removal of 1000 plastic bottles through partnership and cooperation with local vendors through The Plastic Bank. One bottle funds the collection of 11kf of plastic bottles and also enabling local jobs.

4. Remora XYZ
Technology for seafood traceability to ensure sustainable fisheries for consumers.

5. Ship Reality
Mixed reality engine tools for clean tech retrofits of shipping

6. UnderSee
Eanble precision aquaculture through water drones and data analytics.

Waste collection services and recycling for companies in Myanmar.

8. Ichtion
Technology to prevent macro and micro plastics in coastal areas from entering the sea by enabling recycling plants and recycling technology, along self-cleaning systems.

9. Brim Exploration
Electric catamarans & exploration, supporting more sustainable tourism in Norway.

Subsea X
Executing underwater surveillance by utilizing technology, for example surveillance of offshore wind parks.

11. Evoy
Electrifying boats and smaller exploration vehicles.

Did you see any companies of particular interest? Become an investor and be part of scaling up these solutions!

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